seated figure looking up at a lit up polar bear sculpture in a wood paneled room

Polar Bar

tree with golden fall foliage and string lights

Market Street Lights

old bell tower on a brick-lined street on a sunny day

Ballard Ave

dappled light on tree-lined sidewalk

Ballard Ave

green leafy tree in front of old bar storefront

Ballard Ave

green tree and dappled light on sidewalk

Ballard Ave

dappled light on sidewalk with planters

Ballard Ave

tree and blue car in front of brick front restaurant with neon sign

Ballard Ave

urban street with red light during fire season

Fire Season

green landscape with brown cliffs

Bodega Head

urban street at dusk

Ballard Collective

freeway at night with warm streetlamps

520 East Bellevue

blurred red brake lights in traffic with a cool winter sunset sky

Sunset Traffic

ferry booth with overhead fluorescent light and blue violet sky and water view through the window

Ferry Booth

urban street at dusk

NW Market St.

concrete sphere sculptures in front of a stand of evergreen trees at Fremont Peak Park

Fremont Peak Park

a silhouetted figure walking a dog on snow covered streets at dusk with a street light and telephone wires crisscrossing the sky

Winter Walk

a pink and purple sunset on the water through a window on the car deck of a ferry

Ferry Window

gently sloping golden hills and a light blue sky

Altamont Pass

a giant Sequoia tree nestled amongst other trees behind the canal locks

Giant Sequoia

bright white sunlit clouds against a deep blue sky

Midday Clouds

a strip of sunset light illuminating a tree with fall color on a neighborhood street

9th Ave NW

overlapping clouds against a light blue to butter yellow sky gradient

Clouds in Kittitas County

heavy blue and grey clouds over a curving freeway with road signs

Thunderclouds near Thorp, WA

cropped view of a variety of overlapping cloud shapes

Cloud Crops

a smattering of overlapping clouds against a turquoise and mint green sky gradient

On the Way Down

a sky mostly cleared of clouds above a freeway road and straw colored fields

Over the Pass

a violet stormcloud against a deep blue green and yellow sunset sky

October Sunset

two fluffy cumulus clouds against a light blue sky

Skies Above Discovery Park